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How technology
can serve the environment
With specifications matching the best similar publications in Europe and topics that moves the axis “technology in the service of the environment”, “Ecotec” highlights methods, practices and new ideas for producing clean energy, serve sustainability, protect and restore the environment (such as renewable energy sources, waste-water treatment systems, ecological building, recycling, liquid, air and solid waste management, advance fuels, alternative technologies etc).

The magazine, which stands for the needs of the most demanding reader, directed at construction companies, municipal enterprises, public institutions, investors, industries, factories, hotels and any kind of companies that operate in the area of environmental technologies.

“Ecotec” was first published in 2005 and is a founding member of the “European Environmental Press”, which belong to the best magazines of the continent (one from each country) and and choose the companies which meets the standards to be awarded with the annual “European Innovation Awards”.







in 2005
Periodicity: Monthly
Size: 21x28
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